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Big Gainers empowers everyday people to invest confidently in the stock & crypto markets and make smarter investment decisions.

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With the popularization of trading apps like Robinhood and Coinbase, everyday people have gained a new level of access to the markets that has created a boom in wealth creation for many... but this has led to the following challenges:

This is why we created Big Gainers.

We wanted an easy way to cut through all the noise and BS out there, so we developed a system that alerted us to promising stock/crypto opportunities in real-time.

When this approach brought us $100k+ in profits, we invited our followers to test our services and were blown away by their results.

Take a look... (names/images blocked for privacy).

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How does it work?

Big Gainers makes it simple to get involved in the markets by providing a straightforward service that alerts people to promising stocks/cryptos...



Through our research and access to live stock information, we're able to quickly identify promising opportunities.

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Once we've found some candidates, we perform our own analyses and assign scores to the different stocks/cryptos.

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After identifying and analyzing potential stocks/cryptos, we deliver this information to our members via a secure Telegram group.

Pricing made easy

For less than a cup of coffee a day, you can unlock the door to potentially life-changing returns with Big Gainers' timely stock/crypto alerts.

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“Was skeptical and got on a few days ago. More than doubled my money it's crazy"

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Introducing: Big Gainers Academy

After popular demand for practical trading education, we’ve decided to create an Academy that will equip beginner traders with the necessary knowledge to increase their overall win ratio.

With our first course, Technical Analysis 101, we hope to give students an in-depth look at how to read charts & patterns to find high-probability trades while mitigating losses.

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