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Our Academy exists to provide the best training and education for beginner traders. Level up your skills with our new Technical Analysis 101 course today!

What you'll learn

Technical Analysis 101 is a comprehensive lecture series that teaches entrepreneurs to read charts and patterns to find high-probability trades while mitigating losses. 

How to identify

Quickly pinpoint potential trading opportunities by recognizing market trends and patterns that align with your strategy.

How to analyze

Master the art of evaluation through technical indicators and chart patterns to make informed trading decisions.

How to execute

Gain expertise in executing trades, managing risk effectively, and capitalizing on market movements to secure profits.

What people are saying

Joey Mulberry

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"Big Gainers' Technical Analysis course was an eye-opener for me; the instructors presented complex concepts in an easily digestible manner, and I now apply these skills to enhance my trading strategies with confidence."

Anthony Gallion

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"I was initially skeptical about online courses, but Big Gainer's TA course proved me wrong. It's a comprehensive and effective program that has truly enhanced my trading skills, and I can't wait to see the long-term impact on my portfolio."

Robert Wellington

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"Big Gainer's Technical Analysis course is a must for anyone serious about trading. The in-depth insights and real-world applications have already paid off for me multiple times over in the market. Thanks to this course, I'm now making more informed and profitable trades."

Tim Allen

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"The TA course exceeded my expectations with its comprehensive content and engaging delivery. I feel much more confident in my ability to analyze financial markets and make informed trading decisions after completing this course."

Samantha Baker

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"As a beginner in the world of trading, Big Gainer's Technical Analysis course was incredibly valuable. The course material was well-structured, and the instructors provided excellent support, making it easy for me to understand and apply technical analysis principles."

Betty Jean

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"A game-changer for my trading journey!! I recently completged the TA course, and I can't express how thrilled I am with the knowledge and skills I've gained throughout the program. It has been an absolute game-changer for my trading journey!"

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Who we are

We are a team of traders, entrepreneurs, and idealists who believe in making wealth creation accessible for all. 

Emmanuel Taylor is the founder of Big Gainers and he has made well over six figures profit in trading using the very same skills taught in this course.

Course Curriculum

Module 1 - Introduction to Technical Analysis
Module 2 - TradingView Navigation
Module 3 - Key Levels & RSI
Module 4 - Chart Analysis
Module 5 - Risk Management

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